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Gundala hoax movie poster.
Publication information
Publisher Kentjana Agung
First appearance Gundala Putera Petir (1969)[1]
Created by Harya Suraminata Hasmi
In-story information
Alter ego Sancaka
Team affiliations Godam, Aquanus, Maza, Tira, Merpati, Boga, Kalong, Jin Kartubi, Sembrani, Pangeran Mlaar.[1]
Notable aliases Son of Lightning
Abilities Able to fire lightning at varying intensities from his palm, lightning punch, electrical spark from his finger, typhoon speed run.[1]

Gundala the movie was a hoax perpetrated by Iskandar Salim, a photographer and graphic designer who created promotional material for a movie that was not being made about Gundala, a lightning powered superhero.[2] Salim noticed that there had never been a movie featuring an Indonesian superhero and wished to start a public debate on the subject. He created an official website, a Facebook page, posters, and staged photographs that allegedly showed the movie being made. As a result of the attention generated by the hoax, Gundala's creator, Harya Hasmi became involved in negotiations to produce a real film based on the character.


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