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Cover Art for Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Space, to The End of a Flash

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Space, to The End of a Flash (機動戦士ガンダム外伝 宇宙、閃光の果てに…, Kidō Senshi Gandamu Gaiden: Sora, Senkou no Hate ni...?) is a Gundam sidestory set within the Universal Century timeline. It appears in the PlayStation 2 game Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space as "Thoroughbred Mode," and received a three-volume manga adaptation written by Tomohiro Chiba and illustrated by Masato Natsumoto. It also received a novelization, which was released to coincide with Encounters in Space.


The story revolves around a second Pegasus class ship named Thoroughbred and its crew. Tasked to intercept a Zeon supply route behind the Moon that leads to Space Fortress Solomon in preparation for "Operation Star One". To accomplish this, the Thoroughbred has been given two Gundams piloted by ace pilots Ford Romfellow and veteran Luce Kessel.

In Encounters in Space, the player's success (or lack thereof) in some missions alters the course of the story.


Earth Federation Forces[edit]

Ford Romfellow
An Earth Federation pilot, Ford is tasked to the Thoroughbred with the RX-78-5 Gundam "G05", one of the Federation's testbed Gundams. He is very professional, mainly wanting to know specifics within operations he also has a joking side to him, however in battle he frequently gets excited. It is unknown if he remained with the Thoroughbred during U.C. 0083. Ford reappears with the Federation during the Gryps Conflict part of the elite Titans taskforce of Bask Om. He does not approve of their methods, believing they breed more conflicts. Ford Romfellow is voiced by Yuji Ueda.
Luce Kassel
A Veteran of Loum, Luce is tasked to the Thoroughbred with the RX-78-4 Gundam "G04" another testbed Gundam of the federation. Luce is supportive to his teammates, frequently encouraging them to do their best in battle and at their jobs. Luce acts as a mentor to Ford during the events of the manga up until his death. In his final battle: Luce is forced to use an experimental beam rifle for his Gundam (the RX-78-4) to destroy a Zeon Fleet coming towards earth. Though he is successful, his Gundam overheats and the left side of the cockpit explodes. Luce is brought back aboard the Thoroughbred but succumbs to his wounds. Luce Kassel is voiced by Masutani Yasunori.
Miyu Takizawa

The attractive operator of the Thoroughbred, She is in charge of both Gundams and their pilots. She argues with Ford often when he teases her. She cares about Ford more than she shows however.

Miyu Takizawa is voiced by Yumiko Shaku.
Annie Brevig
Mechanic on the Thoroughbred, Annie is responsible for the condition of both Gundams and three Guncannons aboard the Thoroughbred. Originally part of a MS corporation, she is conscripted by the Federation for her role on the Thoroughbred. She first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles. Annie Brevig is voiced by Nana Nagayama.
Lombard Dunst
Captain of the Thoroughbred, Lombard is a veteran of Loum, he is very torn about a friendly fire incident that killed his son, he was directly responsible for the incident. Lombard Dunst is voiced by Osamu Univ.

Principality of Zeon[edit]

Sanguie Mallet
A Zeon Ace pilot, He is captain of the special squadron anchored to Granada. He pilots the Pezun Asteroid's MS-11 Act Zaku, often displaying an implacable absolute confidence in his abilities, he becomes obsessed with destroying the Thoroughbred and develops a rivalry with the RX-78-4 and its pilot, Luce Kassel. After Luce's death, Sanguie starts fighting Ford (pilot of the RX-78-5). in his final battle: he and Ford engage in MS combat. Ford finds an opening in his attack and pierces Sanguie's cockpit with a beam saber, instantly killing him. Sanguie Mallet is voiced by Takashi Ra Sasanuma.
Carlisle Yuiman
An experienced Zeon pilot, He pilots a Rick Dom II into combat. Part of the special squadron anchored at Granada, he taught Sanguie while still a teacher at the Academy. After Sanguie's death he joins the Zeon remnants.
Lilia Flaubert
The youngest pilot of Sanguie's squadron, she pilots a Rick Dom II. Lilia has a timid personality, allowing her to easily fold to Sanguie's will. She believes in Sanguie's ideals, leading her to join the Zeon Remnants after the war. Lilia's character design is taken from one of the customizable Zeon pilots available in Encounters in Space's "Mission Mode." Voiced by Kae Araki
Piper Gyusuta
Another experienced Zeon pilot, pilots a Rick Dom II. He takes his role somewhat lightly, much to the chagrin of his wingmates. He joins the Zeon Remnant with Lilia and Yuiman. Voiced by Jun Fukushima.

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