Gundlachia lucasi

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Gundlachia lucasi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
(unranked): clade Heterobranchia
clade Euthyneura
clade Panpulmonata
clade Hygrophila
Superfamily: Planorboidea
Family: Planorbidae
Subfamily: Bulininae
Tribe: Bulinini[2]
Genus: Gundlachia
Species: G. lucasi
Binomial name
Gundlachia lucasi
Suter, 1905

Gundlachia lucasi is a species of minute freshwater snail or limpet, an aquatic pulmonate gastropod mollusk or micromollusk in the family Planorbidae.

Shell description[edit]

Shell obliquely conical, thin, semitransparent, horn-colour, covered by a blackish coating. Apex inclined to the right, situated at the posterior third of the length; convex anteriorly, slightly concave on the posterior slope; a few concentric lines of growth. Aperture oval; peritreme sharp, extremely fragile.[3]

The shell length is up to 4 mm, the width up to 2.75 mm, and height up to 1.5 mm.[4]


These animals have a pallial lung, as do all pulmonate snails, but they also have a false gill or "pseudobranch". This serves as a gill as, in their non-tidal habitat, these limpets never reach the surface for air.


This freshwater limpet is endemic to the North Island of New Zealand.[4]


These tiny limpets are found attached to stems and undersides of leaves of aquatic plants in quiet waters.


This article incorporates public domain text from reference.[3]

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