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The Gundlander

Gundlander is part of the SD Gundam franchise, a subfranchise of the popular Gundam anime.

The series has a fantasy setting with characters designed to resemble monsters and is mainly merchandised in Bandai's Gashapon line.


With Musha Gundam having a Japan Sengoku setting and Knight Gundam having a middle age Europe setting, Gunlander is something different as it has a prehistoric, ancient civilization setting.

Similarly, with Knight Gundam developing from Carddas and Musha Gundam developing plastic model kits, Gundlander choose the capsule toy Gashapon Senshi as a development platform. The series has transformation and combination gimmicks, technologies that were passed on to future Gashapon figures.

But the series was not popular as the story has a complex constitution and is difficult to understand. A portion of the manga has not been published in takubon. Similarly to its other two counterparts, the characters are portrayed as living beings not robots.

A single BB Senshi model kit was produced from the line, depicting the character of Superior Lander.

Series list[edit]

  • Gundlander :Revelations of Darkness (1990)
  • Gundlander :Saint sword that seals demons (1991)
  • Gundlander III: Guardian of the Dragon (1992)
  • Gundlander IV: Revival of the Seiyusha (1993)

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