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In Greek mythology, the name Guneus (/ˈɡjuːnəs/; Greek: Γουνεὐς derived from gounos "fruitful land") may refer to:

  • Guneus, father of Laonome.[1] His parentage was otherwise unknown.
  • Guneus, leader of the Aenianes and Perrhaebians during the Trojan War. According to Homer, "Guneus brought two and twenty ships from Cyphus, and he was followed by the Enienes and the valiant Peraebi, who dwelt about wintry Dodona."[2] Guneus survived the war, and went to Libya where he settled near the Cinyps River.[3] Guneus was an obscure character, though his tribal followers (Aenienians and Perrhaebians) are usually placed in northwestern Greece. Homer does not record his pedigree, but elsewhere[4] his parents were said to be Ocytus and Aurophyte, otherwise unknown. Yet another source gives his mother's name as either Tauropoleia or Hippodameia.[5]


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