Gunfleet Lighthouse

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Gunfleet Lighthouse
Gunfleet Sands Lighthouse geograph - 2091161.jpg
Distant view taken in 2010
Gunfleet Lighthouse is located in Essex
Gunfleet Lighthouse
Location offshore of Frinton-on-Sea
Coordinates 51°46′45.12″N 1°21′27″E / 51.7792000°N 1.35750°E / 51.7792000; 1.35750Coordinates: 51°46′45.12″N 1°21′27″E / 51.7792000°N 1.35750°E / 51.7792000; 1.35750
Year first constructed 1850
Deactivated 1921
Construction screw-pile tower
Tower shape hexagonal frustum tower with keeper's quarter, balcony and lantern
Height 23 metres (75 ft)
ARLHS number ENG-049
Managing agent Gunfleet Sands Windfarm[1]

Gunfleet Lighthouse is a screw-pile lighthouse lying in the North Sea, six miles off the coast at Frinton-on-Sea in Essex constructed in 1850 by James Walker of Trinity House. George Henry Saunders was the contractor. Walker and Burges were the Engineers.[2] It is 74 feet (23 m) in height and hexagonal in plan; mounted on seven piles forming a steel lattice and originally painted red. The living accommodation comprises a living room, bedroom, kitchen/washroom and storeroom.[3]

It was deactivated in 1921.[4] though still in use as an automated weather station by the Port of London Authority,[3] and marks the northern limit of their jurisdiction.[5]

In 1974 an attempt was made to use the lighthouse as a base for the pirate radio station Radio Atlantis but this was thwarted by the authorities.[4]

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