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Hangul 궁내부
Revised Romanization Gungnaebu
McCune–Reischauer Kungnaebu

Gungnaebu (literally "Department of the Royal Household") was a Korean government office in charge of affairs related to the royal household of the late period of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.[1][2] In the government organization during the Joseon Dynasty, the division between the state of affairs and royal affairs was not distinctive. It had several subdivisions such as Jonchinbu, and Uibinbu, Donnyeongbu and others, some of which were independently operated or belonged to Yukjo (Six Ministries of Joseon).[3]

Jongchinbu preserved the genealogy and portraits of the line of kings, managed costume of the king and queen, and dealt with relatives of the kings. Uibinbu took care of dealing with affairs regarding a son-in-law of the king, while Donnyeongbu managed affairs for cultivating mutual friendship among relatives of the king and queen.[3]

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