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Gunilla Bergström
Gunilla Bergström during the Göteborg Book Fair in October 2012
Gunilla Bergström during the Göteborg Book Fair in October 2012
Born (1942-07-03) 3 July 1942 (age 79)
Gothenburg, Sweden
OccupationAuthor, journalist, illustrator
Notable worksAlfie Atkins book series

Gunilla Elisabet Dukure Bergström (born 3 July 1942) is a Swedish author, journalist, and illustrator from Gothenburg. She is best known for her series of children's books about the character Alfie Atkins (Swedish: Alfons Åberg).[1]

Bergström moved to Stockholm in 1966 to begin her career as a journalist. She worked for Swedish newspapers such as Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter.[1] Bergström debuted as a children's book author in 1971, and released her first Alfie Atkins book in 1972.[2] She has been a children's book author ever since, having released twenty-five Alfie books as of 2007.[1] These books have been translated into twenty-nine different languages[3] and have sold over eight million copies worldwide.[1] Four million copies have been sold in Sweden alone.[4] In 2006, her book Alfons och soldatpappan was released simultaneously in seven different languages; this had never happened before for a Swedish children's book.[1]

Bergström has also written children's books about character such as Milla, Bill, and Bolla.[2] Bergström says she receives the inspiration for her stories from everyday life. She is also interested in psychology and human behavior, and incorporates this into some of her books. Bergström describes herself as a nit-picky person when it comes to writing.[1] She illustrates her own books and often works with collage.[2]

Bergström is currently the owner of her own company, Bok-Makaren (English: Book-Maker), which handles the licenses to the Alfie Atkins series. Licenses have been granted for theater productions and Alfie dolls, puzzles, and computer games.[1] Bergström has commented that there is "nothing wrong with making commerce of famous things, but we are careful about who we sell licenses to."[1]

As of 2007, Bergström was living in Stockholm with her West African husband. They spend their winters together in West Africa.[1] Bergström is a grandmother.[1]

In 2012 Gunilla Bergström was awarded Illis Quorum by the Swedish Government.


  • Mias pappa flyttar (1971)
  • God natt Alfons Åberg (1972)
  • Tjuven (1973)
  • Aja baja Alfons Åberg (1973)
  • Raska på Alfons Åberg (1975)
  • Alfons och hemlige Mållgan (1976)
  • Vem räddar Alfons Åberg? (1976)
  • Listigt Alfons Åberg (1977)
  • Alfons och odjuret (1978)
  • Ramsor & Tramsor om Bill och Bolla (1979)
  • Tokigt & Klokigt, mera rim med Bill och Bolla (1980)
  • Är du feg Alfons Åberg? (1981)
  • Var är bus-Alfons? (1982)
  • Vem spökar Alfons Åberg? (1983)
  • Lycklige Alfons Åberg (1984)
  • Alfons och Milla (1985)
  • Kalas Alfons Åberg (1986)
  • Hokus Pokus Alfons Åberg! (1987)
  • Bara knyt Alfons! (1988)
  • Vad sa pappa Åberg? (1989)
  • Alfons egna saker (1990)
  • Alfons tycker om (1990)
  • Där går Tjuv-Alfons! (1991)
  • Milla mitt-i-natten (1991)
  • Ingen sak sa Milla (1992)
  • Mera monster, Alfons! (1992)
  • Alla möjliga Alfons (1992)
  • Mera miner med Alfons (1992)
  • Trall-fonsar. Visor med Alfons Åberg (1992)
  • Hurra för pappa Åberg! (1993)
  • Milla mitt-i-godiskriget (1993)
  • Näpp! sa Alfons Åberg (1994)
  • Lösgodis - fickan full (1994)
  • Lösgodis - en påse till (1994)
  • Titta - peka Alfons Åberg (1994)
  • Flyg sa Alfons Åberg (1997)
  • Osynligt med Alfons (1998)
  • Hurra för Alfons Åbergs far (1998)
  • Hur långt når Alfons Åberg? (2002)
  • Alfons ABC (2002)
  • Alfons och soldatpappan (2006)
  • Stora boken om Bill & Bolla (2007)


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