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Gunma 4th district (群馬[県第]4区, Gunma[-ken dai-]yon-ku) is a single-member constituency of the House of Representatives in the Diet of Japan. It is located in Southern Gunma and consists of the city of Fujioka, the Southern part of Takasaki city (without the former municipalities of Gunma, Misato, Haruna and Kurabuchi) as well as Kanna town and Ueno village in Tano county. As of 2009, 292,356 eligible voters were registered in the district.[1]

Before the electoral reform that took effect in 1996, the area was part of the multi-member Gunma 3rd district that elected four Representatives by single non-transferable vote.

Gunma is a "conservative kingdom" (hoshu ōkoku), a stronghold of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the pre-1996 multi-seat 3rd district had been home to the families of LDP presidents and Prime Ministers of Japan Yasuhiro Nakasone, Takeo Fukuda and Keizō Obuchi. The new 4th district's first representative was Fukuda's son Yasuo Fukuda (Machimura faction) who was elected LDP president and Prime Minister himself in 2007 over Tarō Asō (Asō faction). In the LDP's landslide defeat in 2009, Fukuda held his seat over Yukiko Miyake, one of the "Ozawa girls", a group of first-time female candidates handpicked by former Democratic Party president Ichirō Ozawa. Miyake easily won a seat in the Northern Kantō proportional representation block. She followed Ozawa out of the party in 2012 and ran for his Tomorrow Party of Japan in Democratic Party president Yoshihiko Noda's Chiba 4th district where she failed to win even a tenth of the vote, disqualifying her also for potential re-election in the proportional representation bloc.

In Gunma 4th district, Yasuo Fukuda retired in 2012 and was safely succeeded by his son Tatsuo.

List of representatives[edit]

Representative Party Dates Notes
Yasuo Fukuda LDP 1996–2012 Retired in 2012
Tatsuo Fukuda LDP 2012– Incumbent

Election results[edit]

Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP (Kōmeitō, NRP) Tatsuo Fukuda 93,220 55.7
JRP Ayaka Miyaharada 42,536 25.4
DPJ Kazuya Aoki 17,336 10.4
JCP Sadao Hagiwara 14,174 8.5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP (Kōmeitō support) Yasuo Fukuda 103,852 51.9
DPJ (PNP support) Yukiko Miyake (elected by PR) 91,904 45.9
HRP Takayuki Morita 4,315 2.2
Turnout 205,416 70.72
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Yasuo Fukuda 118,517 62.8
DPJ Masaki Nakajima 56,364 29.9
JCP Etsuo Sakai 13,809 7.3
Turnout 192,933 67.03
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Yasuo Fukuda 98,903 62.1
DPJ Yukio Tomioka 48,427 30.4
JCP Shinmei Ogasawara 11,815 7.4
Turnout 164,403 57.5
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Yasuo Fukuda 94,517 57.7
DPJ Masaki Nakajima 49,063 29.9
JCP Kiyoko Nomura 20,284 12.4
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Yasuo Fukuda 73,674 46.0
NFP Minoru Komai 45,134 28.2
DPJ Masaki Nakajima 24,977 15.6
JCP Toshihiko Iizuka 16,425 10.3
Turnout 166,505 60.47


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