Gunnar Staalesen

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Gunnar Staalesen
Gunnar Staalesen
Gunnar Staalesen
Born (1947-10-19) 19 October 1947 (age 71)
Bergen, Norway
Genremurder mystery, crime fiction, historical novel

Gunnar Staalesen (born 19 October 1947 in Bergen) is a Norwegian writer. Staalesen has a Cand philol. degree from Universitetet i Bergen[1] and he has worked at Den Nationale Scene, the main theatre in Bergen.[2]

Staalesen's is best known for his crime novels involving private detective Varg Veum.


Staalesen has written over 20 crime novels and several other novels. His first novel "Uskyldigtider" (Innocent Times) was published in 1969, back then he was at the age of 22. But Staalesen is best known for his work on the crime series about the Bergen private investigator, Varg Veum. The Varg Veum books have been translated into 12 languages.[3] The following, all Varg Veum novels, have been translated into English:

  • At Night All Wolves are Grey (I mørket er alle ulver grå, 1983) (English translation by David McDuff, 1986)
  • Yours Until Death (Din til døden, 1979) (English translation by Margaret Amassian, 1993)
  • The Writing on the Wall (Skriften på veggen, 1995) (English translation by Hal Sutcliffe, 2004)
  • The Consorts of Death (Dødens drabanter, 2006) (English translation by Don Bartlett, 2009)
  • Cold Hearts (Kalde hjerter, 2008) (English translation by Don Bartlett, 2012)
  • Where Roses Never Die (Der hvor roser aldri dør, 2012) (English translation by Don Bartlett Don Bartlett, 2016)

In Norway, twelve film adaptions of Staalesen's Varg Veum novels have been released between 2007 and 2012, all starring Trond Espen Seim.


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