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Gunrox logo.jpg
Developer(s) Enkord
Publisher(s) Enkord
Platform(s) PC based
Release date(s) April 1, 2008
Genre(s) Turn-based Strategy MO
Mode(s) Multiplayer only

Gunrox is a multiplayer-only turn-based strategy "squad tactics" game that went live in 2008. The game was created by Enkord, a company known for their flash games.

Game info[edit]

Each user account (player) is allowed to have a single squad of 3 units. Players can create game rooms and invite others to form matches, including 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 2 vs 3, etc. During battle, each player takes turn moving their units. Each unit has 12 AP (action points) that are used to move around, opening doors, picking up items, attacking enemies or healing. In basic mode, the game is won when one side runs out of unit. Experience is awarded to player, not to individual units, based on the amount of damage done as well as several other factors. As players gain enough experience, they level up, and each unit receive skill points and perk points.

Skill points can be put in weapon skills (Melee, Pistols, etc) or support skills (Traps or Healing). Skill points will increase the damage and accuracy of weapons, effectiveness of healing items; also, more advanced tiers of items require specific levels of skill to unlock (10, 20, 30, etc).

The game consists of several separate areas, which are unlocked by levels: Beginner area (level 3-), Clover Quarter (level 3+), Lost Beach (level 5+), etc. Games created in each area have a distinctive battlefield size, features and collection of objects. In addition, more high-level areas have more complicated game modes such as Free-for-all (last player standing wins), or King of the hill (win by capturing and holding the center area of the battlefield), etc.

A battle in Beginner Area. The unit holding an artifact Sawed-off shotgun has just taken a Critical hit.

Besides fighting, players can interact with each other by talking, private messaging, trading weapons, forming clans, etc.

Squad tactics[edit]

The game uses a battle system that is a simplified version of those found in various PC games such as Fallout Tactics, the Jagged Alliance series, and Arcanum. The battlefield is divided into grids and is concealed by fog of war, with the exception being each unit's field of vision (a circle with a 9-grid radius). Each player takes turn (that can be configured to be 40 seconds to 2 minutes) controlling their unit to move across the landscape, occupy key positions, take cover, attack, plant traps, use healing items and take other actions.

With the exception of grenades and grenade launchers, weapons cannot be fired blindly without a target, so the basic tactic is to use a unit as a "spotter", attack with other units, and make sure the enemies cannot counter attack without putting their own units in danger. The game features a wide variety of indestructible objects, with act as concealment (like wooden walls, bushes) or cover (like trees, walls, etc). Players needs to utilize the environment to conceal and protect their units, while trying to flank and invalidate the enemies' cover. Since there is no respawn in each match, players need to keep their unit alive (by healing or moving injured units to the rear), while trying to focus their damage on a single hostile unit.

To limit the duration of each match, the game has a "red zone" feature. After a few turns, a red zone will appear and close in on the map center. Units standing in the red zone at the end of their turn get their health drained away, so players are forced to confront each other.

A battle in Lost Beach. The unit holding the Benelli m4 shotgun uses a medikit. Also, this unit has 14 AP.


The game has a cash shop, where players can buy equipment using Enkord Cash. Enkord Cash can be bought with real money, or earned in small amounts by winning Random Battles (Special 1 vs 1 matches where the game automatically searches for pairs of players within 1-level difference).

Alternatively, equipment can be found in chests on the battlefield. Each gun, knife or armor has an "Attrition" (durability) rating, which decreases with use (e.g. each shot reduces weapon attrition by 1). When Attrition reaches zero, the equipment breaks and disappears. Weapon bought in shop always have full attrition.


Each weapons has a distinct feature (range, damage, etc) and will have a use for a difference scenario. Each unit typically specializes in one long range and one short range weapon. Non-explosive weapons cannot be fired blindly (i.e they must be fired at a hostile target or a trap), and never misses the target. However, they have a chance to only "scratch" and do next to no damage, this chance depends on the distance to target, the type of gun and the unit's skill. Explosive weapons, on the other hand, can target the ground and never cause scratch damage. However, they have a "Dispersion" statistic, which means they can miss the target and even injure the shooter or allies. All shots have a chance to cause a "Critical", which increase the damage of the shot by 50%.

Weapon Type AP Range Damage Note
Melee 3 1.5 Several type can Stun or Poison enemies.
Pistols 2 or 3 1-8.5 Same damage table regardless of distances. Can attach silencer, laser sight.
Submachine guns 3 or 4 1-9.5 Same damage table regardless of distances. Can attach silencer, laser sight, grenade launcher.
Shotguns 4 or 5 1-7 Max damage at short range. Min damage at long range. Can hit multiple units in a cone area.
Assault Rifle 4 or 5 1-9.5 (some with range 5-13) Max damage at long range. Min damage at short range Can hit multiple units in a cone area. Can attach silencer, laser sight, grenade launcher and scope.
Sniper Rifle 7 or 8 8-20 Max damage at long range Damage fluctuates wildly
Heavy Machinegun 9 or 10 6-15 Max damage at short range Damage fluctuates wildly. Can hit multiple units in a cone area.
Grenade and Rocket Launcher 5 (Grenade launcher); 9, 10 or 12 (Rocket Launcher) 6-9 (Grenade launcher), 10-15 (Rocket Launcher) Same damage table regardless of distances. Can target the ground. Projectile can miss target. Damage all units in blast radius.
Grenades 7 4-10 Same damage table regardless of distances. Can target the ground. Projectile can miss target. Damage all units in blast radius. Some can Stun, Blind or Poison enemies

Support items[edit]

  • Traps: Are laid on the ground and activate when approached by hostile unit or shot at. Damage all units in blast radius. Some can inflict Poisoned, Stun or Blind status effects.
  • Healing items: Recover HP. Each units can only healing self, unless the perk "Doctor" is chosen.
  • Armor: Reduce damage taken by percentages. More advanced type provide resistances to Stun, Poison and Blind status effect.


  • Attachment: Silencer, laser, grenade launcher, scope and bayonet. These be attached to guns to provide them with more functions. They must be purchased separately and are not interchangeable between weapons, even those of the same type. Also, they cannot be removed and will disappear along with the weapon when the weapon is broken.


Occasionally, players can find in chests weapon or armor with special qualities (such as a gun that inflicts status effects, uses no ammo or uses less AP per shot). These items are called "Artifacts" and are divided into 15 ranks. There are more than 50 types of artifact effects, which are denoted by their prefixes.


Perks are improvements that the players can choose for their unit. They are very diverse in effect, and can generally be divided into perk trees. Each weapon class has one perk tree, with 10 perks increasing weapon skill, and 2 "special perks" that grants special benefits like more AP. Other perk trees includes: Survivor (increases the unit's Hit points, Regeneration), Resistance (increases resistance to Damage, Blind, Stun or Poison), etc.

Each unit only gains 1 perk point per level, and after the player reaches level 5, they can no longer reset skills and perks for free. Players have to plan each of their units' role and choose put points in the appropriate perks (as well as skills).

Other Aspects[edit]

The Gunrox community has become quite diverse. Currently the strongest contingent would be from Brazil, which makes up 38.7% of all subscribers. Other players hail from Turkey, USA, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, and many other locations world wide.

A chat room is provided for each area on the Gunrox World Map. This allows people to converse and discuss things before, during, and after each game that is played. Gunrox chat system is simple and is often spammed players, which lead to several changes in the in-game engine, including bots preventing spam in chat channel. Besides the chat channels, the game also has a "Trade" channel that is visible to players in all locations, where player can post one message per minute.

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