Guns (essay)

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Author Stephen King
Country United States
Language English
Genre Non-fiction, book
Publisher Philtrum Press
Publication date
January 25, 2013
Media type E-book

"Guns" is a non-fiction essay written by Stephen King on the issue of gun violence. He wrote it after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, elaborating on why he let the novel Rage (1977) and The Bachman Books (1985), the omnibus in which Rage also appeared, go out of print. On January 25, 2013, the essay was published as a Kindle Single,[1] and on February 11, 2013, "Guns" was released as an audiobook narrated by Christian Rummel.[2] King's official website states: "All profits from 'Guns' will benefit the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence."[3]

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