Guns of Icarus Online

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Guns of Icarus Online
Developer(s) Muse Games
Publisher(s) Muse Games
Composer(s) Gimmen Gong
Series Guns of Icarus
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Release date(s)

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  • NA: October 29, 2012
Genre(s) Strategy, First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer[1]

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk-themed multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Muse Games. It is a follow-up to Guns of Icarus (now known as Flight of the Icarus), and was released on October 29, 2012.[2][3] On December 23, 2011, Muse Games launched a Kickstarter project to raise $10,000 to partially fund the development of Guns of Icarus Online, and the company subsequently received $35,237 at the close of the bidding on 21 February 2012.[4] Following the completion of their fundraising campaign, Muse Games co-developer Eric Chung announced that Guns of Icarus Online would enter closed beta on April 10, 2012.[5]

Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.0 officially went online on October 29, 2012. The improved Version 1.1 was first available through Steam on November 20 and online on November 23. In early 2013, Linux support was added.[6] A PlayStation 4 version is in production.[7]


Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk/dieselpunk, multiplayer, first-person shooter that focuses on airship combat. Each airship is controlled by up to four players, with each member of the crew taking a specific role. Players can choose three different classes: gunner, engineer or pilot, which will allow them access to different kinds of tools. The captain of each ship chooses which weapons to use in his/her ship. There are also several ships available:

  • Galleon: the Galleon is by far the biggest and more resilient ship, but also the slowest one. It focuses on high firepower and tank capabilities.
  • Squid: the Squid is the fastest ship in the game which allows its commander to outmaneuver enemy ships. It is also one of the weakest ships.
  • Goldfish: the Goldfish has a main gun on its prow, and two secondary guns on the port and starboard sides. It relies on its moderate speed and high maneuverability.
  • Junker: the Junker has 5 small weapon mountings. It also has high maneuverability, but a slow speed.
  • Pyramidion: the Pyramidion has two guns on the top deck and two on the low deck. With very high damage output, but slow turning speed, this ship is very versatile.
  • Spire: the Spire has a very high turning speed, but a very low linear speed. It is a high dps ship with very low hull armor.
  • Mobula: the Mobula has 5 weapons on the front, but none on the sides nor the back. It has great vertical movement, but is hard to repair in the heat of the battle.


Guns of Icarus Online received mixed to positive reviews. On Metacritic, it scored 64 out of 100 based on 7 reviews,[8] and on GameRankings 70.60% based on 5 reviews.[9] As of June 2016, the game's rating on Steam is "very positive".[10]

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