Gunslinger (TV series)

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Starring Tony Young
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Running time 60 minutes
Original network CBS
Picture format Black and white (1961)
Original release February 9 – June 3, 1961

Gunslinger is a Western television series starring Tony Young that aired on the CBS television network from February 9 until May 18, 1961 on Thursdays from 9 to 10 p.m. EST. The series theme song was sung by Frankie Laine.

Young played Cord, a young gunfighter who works undercover for the local army garrison commander, acting as a secret law enforcement agent in the territory. The series lasted for only twelve episodes.

Gunslinger was the successor to Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater.


Guest stars[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate Episode Summary
1-1 "The Border Incident" February 9, 1961 Cord goes undercover to hunt down a former medical officer charged with torturing and starving prisoners of war.
1-2 "The Hostage Fort" February 16, 1961 On assignment for the commandant of Fort Scott, prevents the populace of a neighboring community from lynching a man (Jack Elam) by turning him over to the Army.
1-3 "Appointment in Cascabel" February 23, 1961 Amby is kidnapped by a Mexican bandit who asks for a ransom that equals the price on his head.
1-4 "The Zone" March 2, 1961 A town caught in a border dispute between the United States and Mexico because of a shift in the flow of the Rio Grande becomes a zone for the lawless.
1-5 "Rampage" March 16, 1961 A former Confederate Army major escapes from military confinement at Fort Scott with U.S. Army uniforms, and uses them to outfit his own men.
1-6 "The Recruit" March 23, 1961 A lost shipment of Confederate Army silver bars spurs Cord on a hunt which ends in murder.
1-7 "Road of the Dead" March 30, 1961 Cord engages in a hunt for a killer he believes to be his own father.
1-8 "Golden Circle" April 13, 1961 A dangerous killer is released from prison in order to lead Cord to a large sum of currency stolen from the Union Army during the Civil War.
1-9 "The Diehards" April 20, 1961 An army patrol and several troopers are slain under mysterious circumstances.
1-10 "Johnny Sergeant" May 4, 1961 A community, irate over the rowdy off-duty activities of the military, helps convict an innocent Native American soldier of attacking a woman.
1-11 "The Death of Yellow Singer" May 11, 1961 A Navajo girl, turned over to the army for killing a Native American leader, would rather die than reveal the reasons for her act.
1-12 "The New Savannah Story" May 18, 1961 A group of Southern women, survivors of the Civil War, try to establish a cotton plantation in the Arizona territory.

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