Gunsmoke: To the Last Man

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Gunsmoke: To the Last Man
Genre Western
Written by Earl W. Wallace
Directed by Jerry Jameson
Starring James Arness
Pat Hingle
Amy Stoch
Theme music composer Artie Kane
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Larry Rapaport (coordinating producer)
Location(s) Tucson, Arizona
Editor(s) Scott Powell
Running time 91 min.
Production company(s) CBS Entertainment Production
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release January 10, 1992

Gunsmoke: To the Last Man is a 1992 American TV-movie starring James Arness as retired Marshal Matt Dillon and featuring Pat Hingle. Hapless rustlers make the fatal mistake of stealing Matt Dillon's cattle and Dillon blunders into the gory Pleasant Valley War during the process of hunting them down and killing two of them. The film, set in the 1880s, was directed by Jerry Jameson and based upon the long-running American television series Gunsmoke (1955 to 1975). The supporting cast features Matt Mulhern as Will McCall, Joseph Bottoms as villainous Tommy Graham, and Morgan Woodward as Sheriff Abel Rose.


  • James Arness ... Matt Dillon
  • Pat Hingle ... Col. Tucker
  • Amy Stock-Poynton ... Beth Dillon
  • Matt Mulhern ... Will McCall
  • Jason Lively ... Rusty Dover
  • Joseph Bottoms ... Tommy Graham
  • Morgan Woodward ... Sheriff Abel Rose
  • Mills Watson ... Horse Trader
  • James Booth ... Zack the Preacher
  • Amanda Wyss ... Lizzie Tewksbury
  • Jim Beaver ... Deputy Willie Rudd
  • Herman Poppe ... John Tewksbury
  • Ken Swofford ... Charlie Tewksbury
  • Don Collier ... Sheriff Tom, Tombstone
  • Ed Adams ... Billy Wilson
  • Kathleen Erickson ... Mrs. Claire Oliver (billed as Kathleen Todd Erickson)
  • Loy Burns ... Kirby Tewksbury (billed as Loy W. Burns)
  • Andy Sherman ... Virgil Tucker
  • Clark A. Ray ... Rowe Blevin
  • Michael F. Woodson ... Bartender at Payson House
  • Erol Landis ... Cole Tucker
  • William J. Fisher ... Undertaker
  • Stephen C. Foster ... Luther
  • Ric San Nicholas ... Tink
  • Jimmy Don Cox ... Onlooker
  • Richard Glover ... David Henry

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