Guntakal Junction railway station

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Guntakal Junction
Express train and Passenger train station
Guntakal Junction 3.JPG
Guntakal Junction railway station
LocationGuntakal, Andhra pradesh
Coordinates15°10′30″N 77°22′01″E / 15.175°N 77.367°E / 15.175; 77.367Coordinates: 15°10′30″N 77°22′01″E / 15.175°N 77.367°E / 15.175; 77.367
Elevation453.000 metres (1,486.220 ft)
Owned byIndian Railways
Operated bySouth Central Railway
Line(s)Guntakal-Chennai line
Guntakal-Solapur section
Guntakal-Bangalore section
Guntakal-Vasco da Gama section
Guntakal-Vijayawada section
Platforms10 (6 running, 1 to run shortly, 3 to be constructed)
Structure typeStandard on ground
Bicycle facilitiesNo
Other information
Station codeGTL
Division(s) Guntakal
Opened1872; 146 years ago (1872)
Guntakal railway station is located in Andhra Pradesh
Guntakal railway station
Guntakal railway station
Location in Andhra Pradesh

Guntakal Junction railway station (station code:GTL)[1] is located in Anantapur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and serves Guntakal. It is a junction station at the intersection point of the Mumbai-Chennai line, the Vijayawada-Margao line and the Guntakal-Bengaluru line.


During the period 1861-1871 Madras Railway extended its Chennai-Arakonnam line to Raichur to join the Great Indian Peninsula Railway line, thereby linking Mumbai and Chennai with a 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) wide broad gauge line in 1871.[2]

During 1888 to 1890 Southern Mahratta Railway developed a metre gauge line from Vijayawada to Margao, passing through Guntakal.[3]

The Guntakal-Bangalore line was opened in 1892-93.[4] The metre gauge Guntakal-Mysore Frontier Railway was opened in 1893. It was operated by Southern Mahrata Railway.[5]


The Electrification of Guntakal-Renigunta Section of 310 Route Km's completed in 2013.[6] The Electrification of Guntakal-Bangalore Section of 293 Route Km's completed in 2016.[7] The Electrification of Guntakal-Wadi Section of 228 Route Km's completed in 2017.[8] The Electrification of Guntakal-Guntur Section of 430 Route Km's is in under active process till now 234 Route Km's has been electrified in first phase. Phase 1 Consist of 165 Route Km between Nallapadu-Cumbum and 69 Route Km's of Guntakal-Dhone Section till now electrified.[9]


Diesel Loco Shed, Guntakal was started as a metre gauge shed but after gauge conversions in Guntakal and Hubli divisions a broad gauge shed was opened in 1995. It houses WDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-3A and WDG4 locos. There is a coaching maintenance depot at Guntakal.[10] Since after overhaul with Electric Traction, Indian railways also sanctioned Electric Loco shed.[11]


The Guntakal Railway Station is a junction of tracks from 8 routes to Guntakal:

  • Guntakal-Guntur-Vijayawada-Howrah/New Delhi.
  • Guntakal-Ballari-Hubli-Vaso Da Gama.
  • Guntakal-Gooty-Anantapur- Dharmavarm-Banglore/Tirupati.
  • Guntakal-Renigunta-Chennai.
  • Guntakal-Pune-Mumbai.
  • Guntakal-Kurnool-Kacheguda
  • Guntakal-Kalluru-Anantapur
  • Guntakal-Adoni-Raichur


Guntakal Junction is classified as an A–category station in the Guntakal railway division.[12]

Other stations[edit]

  • Guntakal west Railway Station
  • Guntakal Bypass Railway Station
  • Timmanacherla Railway Station
  • Hanuman Circle Railway Station


  • Guntakal Junction railway station has computerized reservation counters, waiting room, retiring room, non-vegetarian refreshment stall, light refreshment stall, tea stall and book stall.[13]
  • Guntakal junction has 7 Platforms and each can handle a train with more than 24 Coaches . Daily 55 pairs of passenger trains passing through this junction and having halt more than 15 minutes .
  • Guntakal junction opened its new booking office and entrance near the newly constructed platform no.1.


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