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Gunther Krichbaum (born 4 May 1964 in Korntal) is a German politician (CDU). He holds the chair of the Committee on European Union Affairs of the German Bundestag since 2007.

Gunther Krichbaum

Life and career[edit]

After graduating from high school at Solitude grammar school in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf in 1984, Krichbaum completed his military service in Sigmaringen and Dillingen / Danube. From 1985 onwards he studied law at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg as well as in Lausanne and Geneva which he finished in 1991 with the first state examination in law. During his studies, he received a scholarship from the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and became a member of the student association Ulmia Tübingen. After completing his legal clerkship in Heidelberg, he passed the second state examination in 1995 and subsequently worked until 2002 as an self-employed economic consultant for MLP AG in Pforzheim.

He is protestant, married a second time and father of three children from his first marriage.[1]

Political career[edit]

Krichbaum joined the Junge Union in 1979 and also the CDU in 1983. He was Deputy chairman of the CDU city association Pforzheim from 1999 to 2009 and he is the district chairman of the CDU Enzkreis / Pforzheimsince 2009. Krichbaum has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2002 and since December 2005 a deputy spokesman for the European Parliament of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. Since June 2007, he has chaired the Committee on European Union Affairs. Krichbaum was always directly elected as a representative of the constituency Pforzheim in the Bundestag. In his first election in 2002, he was able to regain for the CDU the direct mandate lost in 1998 to the SPD against the state leader of the SPD Baden-Württemberg, Ute Vogt. He defended this in 2005 with 46.9% and in 2009 with 40.7% of the first votes. In the general election in 2013, he reached with 49.5% of the first votes the best result of the CDU in this constituency since the federal election in 1983.[2] In his fifth federal elections 2017, he could not repeat this result, but won the direct mandate with 36.4% of the votes.[3]

The Queen of the Netherlands appointed Krichbaum to the Grand Officer of the Order of Orange Nassau, in 2009 he was appointed Officer of the Legion of Honor by the French President and in 2010 appointed by the Romanian President as Commander of the Star of Romania. In 2012 he received the Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria.[4]



  • Member of the Atlantik-Brücke e.V.
  • Member of the Administration Council, Fondation Robert Schuman (Paris)
  • Member of the Board of the European People´s Party (EPP)
  • Member of the Board of trustees of the Institut for European Politics (IEP), Berlin
  • Member of the Board of the Europa-Union Deutschland e.V. (coopted)


  • Member of the Board of the German-Romanian Association Pforzheim
  • Member of the Federal Association of Lebenshilfe supporting people with disabilities
  • Member of the society promoting the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Member of the football club 1. CfR Pforzheim
  • Member of the church synod of the protestant church Pforzheim-Land


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