Gunton Hall

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Gunton Hall
A print of the hall dated 1819

Gunton Hall, Gunton Park, is a large country house near Suffield in Norfolk.


Gunton Hall was built for Sir William Harbord in the 1740s by the architect Matthew Brettingham.[1] In 1775 Harbord Harbord, 1st Baron Suffield, Member of Parliament for Norwich, commissioned James Wyatt to make significant additions to the house.[1] The grounds were developed by Charles Harbord, 5th Baron Suffield, employing William Milford Teulon as the landscaper.[2] However, the hall was almost destroyed by fire in 1882 and lay derelict for nearly a century before Kit Martin, an architect, bought the hall in 1980 and converted it into individual houses.[1] It is surrounded by a 1,000 acre deer park.[3] The boathouse was rebuilt in 2004.[4]


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