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Guntram Wolf (March 25, 1935, Kronach – February 4, 2013, Kronach) was a maker of modern and historical woodwind instruments in Kronach, Germany.

His productions[edit]

He specializes in the modern Heckel (German) system bassoon and is one of the better known makers of Wiener (Viennese) oboes. He also makes a considerable number of historical instrument replicas of bassoons, oboes and clarinets, as well as child-sized models of the same instruments.


Guntram Wolf has also developed a redesign of the contrabassoon after an acoustical concept by Benedikt Eppelsheim, called the "Contraforte". The Contraforte has been received well in most countries but has a very small following in the United States, with less than a half dozen players of the instrument.

More recently, he and Eppelsheim have developed a redesigned bass oboe, called the "Lupophone".


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