Guntur railway station

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Guntur Junction
గుంటూరు జంక్షన్
गुंटूर जंक्शन
Indian Railway Station
Guntur Junction railway station in 2007.jpg
Front view of Guntur Junction
Location Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Coordinates 16°18′04″N 80°26′35″E / 16.301°N 80.443°E / 16.301; 80.443Coordinates: 16°18′04″N 80°26′35″E / 16.301°N 80.443°E / 16.301; 80.443
Elevation 98 ft
Platforms 7
Parking YES(paid)
Other information
Station code GNT
Zone(s) SCR
Division(s) Guntur
Guntur railway station is located in Andhra Pradesh
Guntur railway station
Guntur railway station
Location in Andhra Pradesh

Guntur junction is the major intercity railway station in the city of Guntur. It is located in Guntur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the central station in the city as well as the divisional headquarters of Guntur division.[1] It falls under South Central Railway zone of Indian Railways.

The station has East and West terminals with reservation counters. It has a total of 7 platforms with inter-connected subway system. Making an annual revenue of more than ₹60 million (1.5 million USD), Guntur Junction is the largest and busiest railway station in the Guntur division.[citation needed]


The first rail lines in Guntur are of Metre Gauge line opened Guntur-Repalle section in year 1916[2] and later between Guntur and Hubli/Goa.Later a Broad Gauge rail line was built between GNT/VJA towards Howrah with the completion of Prakasam Barrage on River Krishna. By the end of the 20th century Guntur had 4 different railway lines passing through its junction.[citation needed]

Divisional headquarters[edit]

Guntur Railway Division is one of the 62 divisions of Indian Railways and spans across 4 districts of Andhra Pradesh. It has few major and many medium to small stations across this region. The head office (Rail Vikas Bhavan) of the division is located in the Pattabhipuram area of Guntur City.

Nearby stations[edit]

Other stations apart from the city terminal are at

  • Nallapadu (Freight services)
  • Nambur (University station)
  • Peddakurapadu (Near to Amaravathi Historical city)

New Guntur is another transit point near Reddi Palem. It used for only freight services. It has also become another major transit point in the Guntur division, to ease the traffic in the Guntur Junction.[citation needed]

The stations in the rural region of Guntur used by the daily vendors for transportation of milk and dairy products:

  • Perecherla
  • Vejendla

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