Guntur chilli

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Guntur chilli
Andhra Chillies.jpg
Guntur chillies drying in the sun, Andhra Pradesh, India
SpeciesCapsicum chinense
Heat Very hot
Scoville scale30,000-350,000 SHU

Guntur chillies is a group of chilli cultivars from Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. They are renowned globally and exported to Asia, Canada, and Europe. Guntur district is the main producer and exporter of most varieties of Chillies and chilli powder from India to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, South Korea, U.K. and USA & Latin America. Chilies have various colors and flavors because of the level of Capsaicin in them. Guntur chilies form an important part of curries and various popular dishes of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Guntur chilli cultivators[edit]

Guntur Chilies form an important part of Andhra cuisine
  • 334 chili is a premium export-quality chili.[1]
  • Teja chili[2] is a fine variety of Guntur chili.[3]
  • Guntur Sannam - S4 Type is the most famous type among the chilis and has a huge demand throughout the world. It widely grows in Guntur, Warangal, and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh. The skin of crushed chili is thick, red and hot. It has its peak harvesting season from December to May. The annual Production of this type is approximately 280,000 tons. It has an ASTA Color value of 50-80 and Pungency is 35-45 SHU.
  • 273 chili is a common wrinkled chili.

Other Guntur Chilis are Phatki, Indo-5, Ankur, Roshni, Bedki and Madhubala.

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