Guo Degang

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Guo Degang
Chinese name 郭德綱 (traditional)
Chinese name 郭德纲 (simplified)
Pinyin Guō Dégāng (Mandarin)
Born January 18th, 1973
Tianjin, China
Occupation Xiangsheng actor
Spouse(s) Wang Hui
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Guo Degang (Chinese: 郭德纲; pinyin: Guō Dégāng) is a Chinese comedian and xiangsheng actor. His master was Hou Yaowen.


Guo Degang was born in Tianjin. He began to learn the art of storytelling, pingshu (评书), when he was 8 years old.

Guo went to Beijing in 1995 and established Deyun She (德雲社), a xiangsheng performance theater, in 1996. He started in teahouses and achieved nationwide fame.[1]

His elder son was born in February 1996 named Guo Qilin, who is a performer in Deyun She and a student of Yu Qian. His younger son was born in January 2015.



Television series[edit]

  • Dreaming Tang Dynasty (2012)
  • Great Family 1912 (2012)
  • King Rouge (2013)

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