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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Guo.
Guo Yue
Mondial Ping - Women's Doubles - Final - 69.jpg
Personal information
Native name 郭跃
Full name Guo Yue
Nationality  China
Born (1988-07-17) July 17, 1988 (age 27)[1]
Anshan, Liaoning, China
Playing style left-handed, Shake hands grip
Highest ranking 1 (January 2008)[2]
Height 1.61 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight 48 kg (106 lb; 7.6 st)

Guo Yue (simplified Chinese: 郭跃; traditional Chinese: 郭躍; pinyin: Guō Yuè; born July 17, 1988 in Anshan, Liaoning) is a Chinese table tennis player and the 2007 women's world champion.[1][3]

As of August 2011, she is ranked 5th in the ITTF Women's World ranking.[2]


She is a left-handed shakehand attack player and comes from Liaoning, China, the province where Wang Nan, Chang Chenchen and Li Jia (all left-handed players) come from.[4] She is the potential leading player in Chinese woman team. Her original partner in women's doubles was Niu Jianfeng, who comes from Hebei. Currently, her partner is Li Xiaoxia, who is also her roommate.

Guo experienced series of losses in international games which led to her disappearance from the public eye for almost half a year.[5] It is officially claimed "To help her mentally adjust". At the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Guo returned to competition and took first place in Women's Singles, Women's Doubles and Women's Team. In 2007 from January to July, Guo attended six International Opens and won four gold medals. At the selection match for 2007 World Table Tennis Championships in Zagreb, Guo qualified early on.

Guo Yue won the 2007 World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, by defeating her compatriot Li Xiaoxia in the women's singles final.[6] She also won the mixed doubles title with Wang Liqin.


  • 1999 – Japan East Asian Junior Championship Women's Singles Champion
  • 2000 – Asian Cup Women's Singles Runner-up
  • 2003 – Asian Championship Women's Team Champion, Women's Singles Second Runner-up, Runner-up of Women's Doubles at the 47 World Table Tennis Championship
  • 2004 – Women's Doubles Bronze at the Athens Olympic, Women's Team Champion of World Table Tennis Championship, ITTF Pro Tour Events Final Women's Singles Champion and Women's Doubles Runner-up
  • 2005 – Mixed Doubles (with Wang Liqin) at the 48th World Table Tennis Championship, bronze medal in Women's Singles
  • 2006 – World Table Tennis Championship Women's Team Champion; Champion of Team, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles Champion (with Li Xiaoxia) at Asian Games
  • 2007 – World Table Tennis Championship Women's singles Champion, Mixed Doubles Champion (with Wang Liqin)
  • 2008 – World Table Tennis Championship Women's Team Champion; Asian Cup Champion; Women's Singles Bronze at the Beijing Olympic

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