Guomao Building

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Guomao Building
GouMou 20061222 large.jpg
Guomao Building, Shenzhen in 2006
Alternative namesInternational Trade Centre
Record height
Tallest in China from December 29, 1985 to 1987[I]
Preceded byBaiyun Hotel
Surpassed byShenzhen Development Center
General information
Town or cityShenzhen
CompletedDecember 29, 1985
Height160 m (524.9 ft)
Technical details
Floor count50
Guomao Building
Simplified Chinese国贸大厦
Traditional Chinese國貿大廈
Literal meaningInternational Trade Centre Building

The Guomao Building (Chinese: 国贸大厦, otherwise known as International Foreign Trade Centre) is an office tower and one of the earliest skyscrapers in Shenzhen, China.[1]

Located at the junction of Jiabin Road and Renmin South Road, Luohu District, the building stands 160 metres tall and consists of 50 floors. Construction started on 1 November 1982 and was completed 37 months later on December 29, 1985. This earned the city's rapid development the nickname "Shenzhen Speed". It was the tallest building in China upon completion.[2]

The building stands on a slot of 20,000 square metres and a built-up floor area of 100,000 square metres. It consists mainly of office space (floors 5-43, except 24) but features a revolving restaurant at the 48th and 49th floor and a helipad atop the building. The first five floors are retail spaces.

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