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Guram I. Mchedlidze (Georgian: გურამ ი. მჭედლიძე) (September 27, 1931, Tbilisi – 2009, Tbilisi) was a Georgian Palaeobiologist, Corresponding Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (GNAS), Doctor of Biological Sciences (Dr. Habil.), Professor.

Education and career[edit]

In 1954 he graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the Tbilisi State University (TSU). Since 1973 he was Professor of this Faculty.

In 1962 Mchedlidze received a PhD degree in Biology, in 1973 a degree of the Doctor of Biological Sciences. In 1983 he was elected as Corresponding Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (GNAS).

In 1979-1989 he was a Deputy Director of the L. Davitashvili Institute of Palaeobiology, in 1989-2009 a Director of this Institute.

In 1971 he was elected as a Fellow of the American Society of Paleontology.

Main fields of scientific activity of Guram Mchedlidze were: a fossil dolphin, Tertiary cetaceans, phylogenesis of cetaceans, ancient mammals, etc. He was author of more than 100 scientific-research works (among them 5 monographs).

Mchedlidze was organizer and participant of many important scientific events in Georgia and abroad.

Some of main scientific works of Guram Mchedlidze[edit]

  • "Fosil Cetacea of the Caucasus" (a monograph), Publishing House "Metsniereba", Tbilisi, 1964, 145 pp. (in Russian, Georgian and English summaries)
  • "Some general features of the historic development of cetaceans" (a monograph), Publishing House "Metsniereba", 1970, 112 pp. (in Russian, Georgian and English summaries)
  • "General features of the brain evolution of some groups of ancient mammals" (a monograph), Publishing House "Metsniereba", Tbilisi, 1986, 130 pp. (in Russian. Co-author: L.K. Gabunia)

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