Gurans Himal

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Gurans Himal
Highest point
Peak Api
Elevation 7,132 m (23,399 ft)
Coordinates 30°00′15″N 80°56′00″E / 30.00417°N 80.93333°E / 30.00417; 80.93333Coordinates: 30°00′15″N 80°56′00″E / 30.00417°N 80.93333°E / 30.00417; 80.93333
Country Nepal
Parent range Himalaya

The Gurans Himal is a small subrange of the Himalaya in far western Nepal.[1][2] It is little-known, since it does not contain any 8000 metre peaks, or even any peaks above 7,200 metres. Its highest peak is Api, 7,132 m (23,399 ft),[1][2] which, despite its relatively low height compared to the major Himalayan peaks, rises dramatically from a low base, as do the other significant peaks of the Gurans Himal.

H. Adams Carter's classification of the Himalaya divides the Gurans Himal into two subsections. The Saipal Subsection lies east of the Seti River, and its highest peak is Saipal, 7,031 m (23,068 ft). The Yoka Pahar Subsection lies west of the Seti, and contains Api, 7,132 m (23,399 ft); Jethibahurani, 6,850 m (22,474 ft); Bobaye, 6,808 m (22,336 ft); and Nampa, 6,755 m (22,162 ft), among other peaks.[1]


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