Gurdwara Gobind Ghat

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Template:Infobox Gurudwara Gurdwara Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ghat situated on the bank of river Ganges is hardly 200 yards from Takht Sri Patna Sahib. It is also popular as Kangan Ghat where child Guru Gobind Singh had thrown his gold bangle. On the same bank child Guru Gobind Singh had blessed mental peace to Pandit Shiv Dutt, by giving him the knowledge of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.Guru Sahib ji taught him what 9 gurus had preached.

Here the child Guru Gobind Singh used to play with his playmates on the bank of the Ganges. This ghat about one furlong from Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb is marked by a gateway over which this Gurdwara is situated in a single room. The river has, however, receded since away to the north.

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