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Dormition church of Gurjaani.

Gurjaani (Georgian: გურჯაანი) is a town in Georgia, located in the region of Kakheti and serving as the centre of the Gurjaani district.

Gurjaani is situated in the Alazani Valley, 415 m above sea level, and 110 km east of the nation's capital Tbilisi. As of the 2002 census, its population was approximately 10,000. The town is one of the centres of Georgia's wine industry. Landmarks include the Church of the Dormition (Kvelatsminda; 8th-9th century), Museum of Local Lore and History, and Museum of Nato Vachnadze. The historic mud-cure resort of Akhtala is not far from Gurjaani.

Coordinates: 41°45′N 45°48′E / 41.750°N 45.800°E / 41.750; 45.800