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Gurkhas are soldiers from Nepal.

Gurkha, Gorkha or Gorkhali may also refer to:







  • Gurkha War, also known as Anglo-Nepalese War, wars fought between the Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal and the East India Company
  • Sino-Nepalese War, also known as Sino Gorkha war, fought between Gurkha Army and Tibetan armies
  • Gurkha–Sikh War, small conflict between the forces of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Sikh Empire) and the Gurkha Army in 1809
  • Limbuwan Gorkha War, a series of battles fought between the king of Gorkha and the rulers of various principalities of Limbuwan from 1771 to 1774 AD

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  • Kukri, a curved knife also known as a Nepalese Knife or Gurkha knife or Gurkha blade