Gurli Ewerlund

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Gurli Ewerlund
Gurli Ewerlund SOK.jpg
Personal information
Born 13 October 1902
Malmö, Sweden
Died 10 June 1985 (aged 82)
Malmö, Sweden
Sport Swimming
Strokes Freestyle
Club Malmö SS (−1934)
SK Ran (1934–)

Gurli Ewerlund (13 October 1902 – 10 June 1985) was a Swedish freestyle swimmer who won a bronze medal in 4×100 m freestyle relay at the 1924 Summer Olympics, along with Aina Berg, Wivan Pettersson and Hjördis Töpel. She also competed in the individual 100 m and 400 m events, but failed to reach the finals.[1][2]


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