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Gurumukhi numerals are the numeral system used in the Gurmukhi script for the Punjabi language in India. It is a variety of the many Indian numerals. In the Shahmukhi alphabet used for Punjabi in Pakistan, the Eastern Arabic-Indic numerals are used, similar to Persian and Urdu.

Base Numbers[edit]

There are various numberal systems of the Hindu numeral system in India. Below is a list of Gurumukhi numerals in their modern form with their Hindu-Arabic and Devanagari equivalents as well as their respective Punjabi and Hindi translations and transliterations.

Gurumukhi numeral Hindu-Arabic numeral Devanagari numeral Punjabi word Romanisation of Punjabi Hindi word Romanisation of Hindi
0 ਸਿਫਰ sifar शून्य śūnya
1 ਇੱਕ ikk एक ék
2 ਦੋ do दो do
3 ਤਿੱਨ tinn तीन tīn
4 ਚਾਰ chār चार chaar
5 ਪੰਜ punj पाँच pān̄c
6 ਛੇ che छः chaḥ
7 ਸੱਤ satt सात sāt
8 ਅੱਠ aṭh आठ āṭh
9 ਨੌੰ nau नौ nou

10 Punjabi - mera naam ha kabir ||

10 English - my name is kabir ||

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