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Gurmukhi numerals are the numeral system of the Gurmukhi script for the Punjabi language in India. It is one of several Indian numeral systems. In the Shahmukhi alphabet used for Punjabi in Pakistan, the Eastern Arabic-Indic numerals are used.

Base Numbers[edit]

Below is a list of Gurmukhi numerals with their Western Arabic equivalents as well as their respective Punjabi translations and transliterations.

Gurmukhi numeral Western numeral Punjabi word Romanization of Punjabi IPA
0 ਸਿਫਰ sifar /sɪfəɾᵊ/
1 ਇੱਕ ikk /ɪkːᵊ/
2 ਦੋ do /d̪oː/
3 ਤਿੱਨ tinn* /t̪ɪnːᵊ/
4 ਚਾਰ chār /tʃaːɾᵊ/
5 ਪੰਜ panj /pənd͡ʒᵊ/
6 ਛੇ che /tʃʰeː/
7 ਸੱਤ satt /sət̪ːᵊ/
8 ਅੱਠ aṭṭh /əʈʰːᵊ/
9 ਨੌਂ nau /nɔ̃:/

*In some Punjabi dialects, the word for three is trai,[1] (IPA: [t̪ɾɛː]) spelled ਤ੍ਰੈ in Gurmukhī.

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