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Gurnee School District 56 is a PK-8 school district located in the northern Lake County village of the school district's namesake: Gurnee, Illinois. Gurnee School District 56 is composed of four schools; three schools run in succession to the other, while the other services all nine grades. Education in this school district often begins in Spaulding Elementary School, which serves the first and second grades; it also has a prekindergarten program. The principal is Dr. Ellen Mauer and the assistant principal is Dr. Cheryl Caesar.[1] Spaulding feeds into Prairie Trail School, which educates third, fourth, and fifth graders. Kevin Simmons is the school's principal.Sheryl Gray is the assistant principal at Prairie Trail.[2] The last section that this branch of the district's education can provide is to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Viking Middle School, whose principal is Patrick Jones.[3] Viking is renowned for its wonderful drama and arts programs, along with its beautiful architecture. Viking Middle feeds into Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Illinois. The current Viking School was completed in 1998 after a flood rendered the old building unusable.

The other branch of this district is a full education through River Trail School, which covers grades K-8; the school's principal is Dr. Jennifer Glickley.[4]The superintendent of the district as of the 2009-2010 school year is Dr. John Hutton.[5]

All of Gurnee School District 56's schools, with the exception of Spaulding Elementary School, have school bands. Every year, all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders participate in the "Gurnee Days Band," a performance before the entire community of Gurnee. [6]

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