Gurney Wharf

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Gurney Wharf
புது கர்னி சுற்றுலா வீதி (Tamil) 葛尼水岸 (Chinese)
Gurney Island reclamation, George Town, Penang.jpg
Reclamation of Gurney Wharf as of April 2017
Gurney Wharf is located in central George Town, Penang
Gurney Wharf
TypeUrban park
LocationGurney Drive, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Coordinates5°26′19.7046″N 100°18′53.2363″E / 5.438806833°N 100.314787861°E / 5.438806833; 100.314787861Coordinates: 5°26′19.7046″N 100°18′53.2363″E / 5.438806833°N 100.314787861°E / 5.438806833; 100.314787861
Area24.28 hectares (242,800 m2)[1]

Gurney Wharf is a proposed seafront park currently being reclaimed off Gurney Drive in George Town, Penang. Intended as a "new iconic waterfront destination for Penang", Phase 1 of Gurney Wharf is scheduled for completion by 2018.[2][3]

Upon the expected completion of Gurney Wharf by 2020, the 24.28-hectare seafront park will comprise four distinct recreational areas - a beach, a coastal grove, a water garden, and a seaside retail food and beverages (F&B) area.


Ongoing land reclamation off Gurney Drive as of 2018

Originally, plans to reclaim land off Gurney Drive were intended to provide more land for residential development, particularly the Seri Tanjung Pinang project off nearby Tanjung Tokong, which was carried out by Tanjung Pinang Development Sdn Bhd.[4][5] The Penang state government later proposed turning 24.28 hectares of the reclaimed land into a seafront public park.

Accordingly, the parent firm of Tanjung Pinang Development, Eastern & Oriental Berhad, is to surrender 131 acres (530,000 m2) of the reclaimed land for free to the Penang state government. Reclamation costs will be borne by Eastern & Oriental, while the landscaping expenses will be covered by the Penang state government.

In addition, Eastern & Oriental, at its own expense, also sought the services of three internationally-renowned architectural consultants - GDP Architects, Grant Associates and Jerde.[6] The combined credentials of the three firms include major urban projects such as Singapore's Gardens by the Bay and the Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

In 2016, land reclamation off Gurney Drive commenced, creating an almost 2 km (1.2 mi)-long bund that is 100 metres from Gurney Drive at its nearest point and about 500 metres at its furthest by the end of the year.[2] The first phase of the Gurney Wharf project is slated for completion in 2018.


Phase 1[edit]

The first phase covers three of the four distinct components of the public park - the beach, coastal grove and water gardens.

The beach will be extended by 80 metres by incorporating an artificial beach 400 metres long.[4] The coastal grove, to be sited near a stretch of casuarina trees along Gurney Drive, will be equipped with recreational facilities such as a skate park.[6] Meanwhile, the water gardens will include gardens, ponds and wetlands irrigated by an innovative water filtration system, similar to that of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Phase 2[edit]

The second phase involves the construction of a retail precinct with F&B outlets, dining facilities and a pier walk. The famous Gurney Drive Hawker Centre will also be moved to this location upon the completion of Phase 2, scheduled in 2020.[2]

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