Gurupura River

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Gurupura River ಗುರುಪುರ ನದಿ
Phalguni River, Kulur River
Country India
State Karnataka
Cities Mangalore, Gurupura

The Gurupura River (also known as Phalguni River or Kulur River [1]) is a river in the Karnataka state of India.[2] It originates in the Western Ghats and empties into the Arabian Sea at Mangalore. It gets its name from the town Gurupura situated near Mangalore. The New Mangalore Port and Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers are situated on its northern banks. Once upon a time it formed northern boundary of Mangalore city along with Netravati River as southern boundary.


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Coordinates: 12°50′57″N 74°49′52″E / 12.84917°N 74.83111°E / 12.84917; 74.83111