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Class overview
Name: Project 58150 (Gurza class)
Builders: Kuznya na Rybalskomu
Operators:  Uzbekistan
Succeeded by: Project 58155 Gurza-M
Subclasses: Centaur-class fast assault craft
Built: 2003-2005
In commission: 2005-present
Building: 2
Completed: 2
Cancelled: 0
Active: 2
Lost: 0
General characteristics
Displacement: 36 tons
Length: 20.3 m (66 ft 7 in)
Beam: 4.86 m (15 ft 11 in)
Draught: 0.86 m (2 ft 10 in)
Speed: 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph)
Range: 450 miles (11 knots)
Complement: 5
Ukrainian navy U174 «Akkerman»

The Project 58150 Gurza (Levant viper) class is a series of small armored artillery boats built for the Uzbek Frontier Service. The whole class is produced by the Kuznya na Rybalskomu (Kiev).

The original and modernized classes are developed by the State Research and Design Shipbuilding Center (Mykolaiv).

There were only 2 ships of Project 58150 Gurza in 2004 for the Uzbek Border Guard and were financed by the United States.[1]

The modernized Project 58155 Gurza-M for the Ukrainian Navy started to be built at the Leninska Kuznya in October 2012.[2] Originally it was planned to build nine such vessels by 2017. In December 2013 the Ministry of Defense withdrew its contract.

In summer of 2014 construction of Gurza-M was revived and the first two vessels were expected to be completed in fall of 2015.[3] In December 2016 the first two Gurza-M officially joined the Ukrainian Navy.[4] The new military contract is for 20 vessels that should be completed by 2020.[4]


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