Guslitsa River

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Place of a confluence of the river Guslitsa (on the right) in the Nerskaya (ahead and on the left) near to the village of Khoteichi 55°30.72′N 38°47.55′E / 55.51200°N 38.79250°E / 55.51200; 38.79250

The Guslitsa River (Russian: Гу́слица), also known as Guslyanka (Гусля́нка) is a river in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is a left tributary of the Nerskaya River (Moskva` tributary). It is 36 km in length. Source near the city of Yegoryevsk. Flows all over again on the North, and then on the West, running in the Nerskaya at the village Khoteichi. The upper reaches of the Guslitsa River up to village Ilyinsky Pogost are densely populated and almost without forest. The river has flat type. A feed mainly snow. Guslitsa freezes in November — the beginning of December, it is opened in the end of March — April.

Main tributaries: Desna River, Shuvoyka River, Silenka River.

The city of Yegoryevsk and the villages of Ilyinsky Pogost and Slobodishche are situated on the Guslitsa River.

The river Guslitsa has denominated historical area Guslitsa.


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