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Gust may refer to:


Given name[edit]

  • Gust Avrakotos (1938–2005), CIA case officer known for the arming of Afghanistan's Mujahideen against the Soviet invasion under Operation Cyclone
  • Gust Hagberg (19th-century–20th-century)
  • Gust Kundert (1913–2000), American politician
  • Gust Lamesch (born 1911), Luxembourgian fencer
  • Gust E. Lundberg (1920–1977), founder of the Sandy's fast-food restaurant chain
  • Gust Stemmler (1899–1986), former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Gust J. Swenning (1917–1942), American sailor who served in the United States Navy
  • Gust Zarnas (1913–2000), college football All-American and professional football player
  • Gust Graas (born 1924), Luxembourg businessman and painter


  • Neil Gust, American musician known for co-founding Heatmiser with Elliott Smith in 1992
  • Wolfgang Gust (born 1935), German journalist, historian, author and chief of heading for magazine Der Spiegel
  • Ernie Gust (1888–1945), Early 20th century professional baseball player
  • Reinhard Gust (born 1950), German rower, who competed for the SC Dynamo Berlin / Sportvereinigung (SV)
  • Anne Gust (born 1958), American businesswoman and politician
  • Ian Gust (born 1941), an Australian medical researcher, virologist, and former science administrator
  • Werner Gust (1910–1979), highly decorated Oberst in the Wehrmacht during World War II


Other uses[edit]

  • Wind gust, a short blast of wind
  • Outflow boundary or gust front, a storm-scale or mesoscale boundary separating thunderstorm-cooled air (outflow) from the surrounding air and marked by a wind shift
  • Gust Co. Ltd., a Japanese video game developer and publisher

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