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Gustav Gustavovich Shpet (Russian: Густа́в Густа́вович Шпет) (April 7 [O.S. March 26] 1879, Kyiv, Ukraine – November 16, 1937, Tomsk, Russia) was a Ukrainian and Russian philosopher, psychologist, art theoretician, and interpreter (he knew 17 languages). He was a follower of Edmund Husserl's phenomenology and introduced Husserlian phenomenology to Russia, modifying the phenomenology which he found in Husserl.

As a thinker, he was thoroughly grounded in Russian religious thought of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His philosophy combined Husserl's analysis of the structure of consciousness with Platonism of Orthodoxy, the doctrine of incarnation, and veneration of matter.

In 1921 he founded the Institute of Scientific Philosophy in Moscow

He was executed in 1937 during the Great Purge.

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