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Gustav Lindau (May 2, 1866 in Dessau – October 10, 1923 in Berlin), was a German mycologist and botanist.


Gustav Lindau studied natural history in Heidelberg and Berlin, where he studied under Simon Schwendener (1829–1919). He completed his doctoral thesis on the apothecia of lichens in 1888. In 1890 he became director at the botanical garden in Münster and an assistant to Julius Oscar Brefeld (1839–1925).

In 1892 he became an assistant at the Berlin botanical garden. He obtained his “habilitation” in 1894, and became a professor in 1902.[1]

The genus Lindauea (Acanthaceae) was named in his honor by Rendle, and the genus Lindauella was named after him by Heinrich Rehm in 1900.[2]


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