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The Three Daughters of King Lear (1875–6) by Gustav Pope in the Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico

Gustav Pope (1831–1910) was a British painter of Austrian origin. Active in the Victorian era, he incorporated several styles on his work, but in his mature style he showed influences of the second wave of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.[1]

Little is known about Pope's training as a painter, but he is listed as a regular exhibitor in London from 1852 to 1895, at the British Institution, the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Academy.[2] His work shows the influence of Thomas Seddon, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Frederic, Lord Leighton. English literary sources, classical mythology, portraiture, landscape and idealized images of young women are the most typical subjects in his paintings.[3]

Some sources shows Gustav Pope as deceased by 1895, based on the last year he was exhibiting at the Royal Academy. Nevertheless, we can be certain that the year of his death, in 1910, his widow presented the painting A Rainy Day to the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery in memory of her husband. He was a resident of Chelsea, according to the 1910 Census.[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Three Daughters of King Lear (1875–76), Museo de Art de Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Lillies (1874), sold at Auction at Christie's, London in 2009
  • The Judgement of Paris (The Apple of the Discord) (1889), sold at auction at Christie's, London in 2006.[5]
Gustav Pope - The Judgement of Paris
  • Dante’s Inspiration, sold at auction at Christie's, London in 2014.[6]
Gustav Pope - Dante's Inspiration


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