Gustav von Saltzwedel

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Gustav von Saltzwedel
Gustav von Saltzwedell.JPG
Gustav von Saltzwedel
Frankfurt Parliament
In office
25 May 1848 – 31 March 1849
Constituency Gumbinnen
Second Chamber of the Prussian Landtag
Assumed office
Constituency Gumbinnen
Prussian Landtag
In office
Constituency Gumbinnen
Parliament of the North German Confederation
In office
Constituency Gumbinnen
Personal details
Born (1808-04-28)April 28, 1808
Drosdowen, East Prussia
Died June 19, 1897(1897-06-19) (aged 89)
Pötschendorf, East Prussia
Political party Casino faction
Occupation jurist

Gustav Reinhold Ludwig von Wienskowski gen. von Saltzwedel[1] (28 April 1808 – 19 June 1897) was a Prussian politician and public official.


Saltzwedel was born to Reinhold von Wienskowski (1780–1863) and Johanna née von Saltzwedel (1788–1828) in Drosdowen, East Prussia (today Drozdowo, Poland). His father had adopted his wife's name at his marriage; although officially still named von Wienskowski, the family was allowed to use the name von Saltzwedel.[2] He was the oldest brother of Wilhelm von Saltzwedel (1820–1882).

Saltzwedel studied law at the Universities of Königsberg and Berlin in 1827-30 and was a co-founder of the Burschenschaft Corps Littuania in Königsberg. After completing his studies he served as head of the district administration (Landrat) of Marggrabowa from 1833 to 1841.[3]

In 1844/45 Saltzwedel was a Geheimrat, from 1846 to 1851 Regierungspräsident in Gumbinnen, and in 1847 head of the district administrative court in Königsberg. He was the director of the East Prussian Poverty Commission and Commissioner of the Lithauische Friedensgesellschaft (Lithuanian Peace Society).[3] In 1848 he became a member of the Frankfurt Parliament and in 1849 member of the Second Chamber of the Prussian Landtag. He was a mentor of Bethel Henry Strousberg concerning the financing of the East Prussian Southern Railway[4] and the head of its supervisory board.[3] In 1867, Saltzwedel was elected as a member of the Parliament of the North German Confederation (until 1870) and the Preußisches Abgeordnetenhaus (until 1869).

Saltzwedel was married to Auguste Zimmermann (19 November 1822 in Marggrabowa – 9 July 1911 in Königsberg). He had a son and three daughters.

Saltzwedel died on his estate at Pötschendorf.


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