Gustave-Antoine Richelot

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Gustave-Antoine Richelot (1806 – September 1893) was a French physician born in Nantes. He was the father of surgeon Louis-Gustave Richelot (1844-1924).

In 1831 he earned his doctorate in Paris with the dissertation, De la uterine phlébite. During his career he worked as a dispensary physician and for the Bureaux de bienfaisance. He is remembered for providing French translations of English medical works, such as:

Among Richelot's original works was a treatise on prostitution in England and Scotland titled De la prostitution en Angleterre et en Écosse (1857), and a work on women in the medical profession called La femme-médecin (1875). Richelot was the last surviving founding member of the journal L'Union médicale.


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