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Maison Saint-Cyr

Gustave Strauven (Schaerbeek, 1878 - Haute Savoie, 1919) was a Belgian architect. His father was a gardener from Limbourg and he died in World War I. He was an art nouveau architect and he liked to use new technologies. He created more than 30 buildings, incorporating wrought iron floral motifs.

He started in Victor Horta's bureau when he was 18 years old. He helped him with the Hôtel van Eetvelde and the Maison du Peuple. Two years later, he spent one year in Zurich.

Maison Saint-Cyr[edit]

The maison Saint-Cyr is Strauven's most important building, built between 1901 and 1903 in a baroque-flamboyant style. It was built to be Georges de Saint-Cyr's private residence.

The house is situated at 11, Square Ambiorix. It is four metres wide and has a good deal of wrought iron in the façade, which is adorned with geometric motifs and ornate balustrades at each floor. The wrought iron mimics vegetation and the decorative elements occupy all the space available. Due to its extravagance, the building has been called Art Nouveau baroque. The house had been in a poor state of repair, but as of March 2013 has been restored to its former splendour.

More works[edit]

  • Maisons de Mme Spaak, rue Saint-Quentin/Sint-Quintensstraat, 30-32, Brussels, quartier des squares (1899).
  • Maison Van Dijck, boulevard Clovislaan, 85, Brussels, quartier des squares (1899–1901).
  • Maison particulière, rue Campenhoutstraat, 51, Brussels, quartier des squares (1901).
  • Maison de commerce et d’habitation, rue Paul de Jaerstraat, Saint-Gilles (1902).
  • Maison particulière, rue Souveraine, 52, Ixelles (1902).
  • Maison particulière, rue Lutherstraat, 28, Brussels, quartier des squares (1902)
  • Maison Beyens, rue de l’Abdication/Troonsafstandsstraat, 4, Brussels, quartier des squares (1904).
  • Immeuble à appartements et magasins, avenue Louis Bertrandlaan, 55-65/rue Josaphatstraat 338-340, Schaerbeek (1906).
  • Maison particulière, Chaussée de Wavre, Etterbeek
  • Maison particulière, avenue des Volontaires, 2, Tournai
  • Maison particulière, avenue Van Cutsem, 29, Tournai
  • Maison à appartements, rue Rasson, 43-45, Schaerbeek (1906, attributed to G Strauven on the basis of strong analogy with his other works[1])


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