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Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt (August 26, 1925 – January 3, 2010) was a Chilean composer.

Becerra-Schmidt was born in Temuco, studied in Santiago, and lived in Germany since 1973, where he taught at Oldenburg University since 1974. Becerra was a prolific Chilean composer. His catalogue includes hundreds of compositions that goes from the most traditional to the most avant-garde, from popular songs to large scale cantatas, symphonies and oratorios.

Highlights among his output are the cantatas La Araucana and Lord Cochrane de Chile, the Macchu Picchu oratorio on texts by Neruda, the Concerto for Flute & Strings, and a most recent Harp Concerto from 2006. Important in his catalogue are also the electroacoustic works.

Becerra was also an important teacher. Some of his pupils were or are among the most important composers of Chile, these include Luis Advis, Sergio Ortega, Fernando García and Cirilo Vila.

Becerra-Schmidt died on January 3, 2010 at his home in Oldenburg.[1]



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