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Gustavo Eliseo Morínigo Vázquez (born 23 January 1977 in Coronel Blas Garay, Paraguay) is a Paraguayan football manager and former Paraguayan footballer who played as a midfielder.

He represented Paraguay at the Copa América 2001 and the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Teams (Player)[edit]

Teams (Head Coach)[edit]

Morínigo took over as coach of Nacional few dates missing to complete the Apertura 2012 tournament, the Torneo Clausura in the same year he won the Vice Championship and getting great admiration of colleagues and journalists which helped to better elected as Technical Director in 2012.

In the Apertura 2013 tournament achieved the title of Champion of the Paraguayan Football consecrating and 5 dates before the completion thereof. In this stunning championship, his team won 15 games, tied 1 and lost only 6, becoming with 46 points in 22 games played.

In 2014, he managed to take the first National team to the final of the Copa Libertadores. It becomes the second technical born in Paraguay in the final play of the Copa Libertadores of America

Titles (Player)[edit]

  • Paraguay Libertad 2002 and 2003 (Paraguayan Primera División Championship)
  • Paraguay Nacional 2009 (Torneo Clausura Paraguayan Primera División Championship), 2011 (Torneo Apertura Paraguayan Primera División Championship)

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