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House at the street of Großmoordamm
Cows near Chancellor's Yard

About this sound Gut Moor  (lit. Manor Moor) is a quarter of Hamburg, Germany, in the borough of Harburg on its southeastern boundaries adjacent to Harburg district in Niedersachsen. It is one of the smallest quarters of Hamburg. 133 inhabitants lived in an area of 1.97 km2 in 2016.[1]


Gut Moor borders the quarters of Neuland, Harburg, Wilstorf, and Rönneburg. Gut Moor is located in the marshlands near the ancient Elbe valley (Elbe Urstromtal).


In 1540, Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Harburg, had his workers trench the canal of Seevekanal through the Meckelfeld moor to drain the area. Gut Moor was then named after a manor in the moor which William Augustus, Duke of Brunswick-Harburg bestowed his chancellor, Johann von Drebber, as an official residence here in 1630.[2] So the domain of Kanzlershof (Chancellor's Yard) was created, which included parts of today's quarter. In 1713, a manor house was erected which was demolished in 1910, when the tracks of Harburg goods station were expanded.

Today, Gut Moor consists mainly of the main road of Großmoordamm. Buildings include some half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. But also the federal motorway Bundesautobahn 1 leads through the quarter.[1]


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