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Lava on Gutanasar
Lava on Gutanasar
Church below mountain

Gutanasar or Gut'anasar (Armenian: Գութանասար) is a mountain in the Kotayk Province near Fantan in Armenia. It is a 7,543 ft (2,299 m) high.[1] A small Surb Astvatsatsin Church is located below it.[citation needed] It is a volcano which last erupted 200,000 BP, judging from Ar39/Ar40 dating of lava flows,[2] and one of the common sources of obsidian in archeological sites of Armenia.[3] Neighbouring communities include Fontan and Alapars. The volcano is part of the Geghama mountains volcanic area.[4] and appear to share a common feeding conduit.[5]


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Coordinates: 40°22′04″N 44°41′02″E / 40.3679°N 44.6839°E / 40.3679; 44.6839