Guthrie's Memorial, Isle of Man

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Guthrie's Memorial
TT race marshal's signal box on the A18 Snaefell mountain road looking north (in the opposite direction to a lap of the course) towards Guthrie's Memorial on the left and the Point of Ayre in the distance
Coordinates 54°17′46.2″N 4°24′20.8″W / 54.296167°N 4.405778°W / 54.296167; -4.405778Coordinates: 54°17′46.2″N 4°24′20.8″W / 54.296167°N 4.405778°W / 54.296167; -4.405778
Built 1860–1870, 1939
Guthrie's Memorial, Isle of Man is located in Isle of Man
Guthrie's Memorial, Isle of Man
Location of Guthrie's Memorial in Isle of Man
The memorial

Guthrie's Memorial (previously The Cutting)[1] is a S-bend corner between the 26 and 27 mile road-side markers on the primary A18 Snaefell mountain road, part of the Snaefell Mountain Course known mainly for motorcycle racing, situated in the Isle of Man parish of Lezayre.[2]

A18 Snaefell Mountain Road[edit]

The A18 Snaefell mountain road was developed in the mid-nineteenth century from a number of pre-existing roads, carting-tracks and bridle paths. This included installation of a number of sheep-gates, milestones, the building of a series of embankments, revetments, purpose built graded sections which reflected nineteenth century highway and railway building practices.[3] This included the distinctive road embankments which gave the S-bend corner the previous name of The Cutting. This section of the A18 Snaefell Mountain Road from the Keppel Gate to Park Mooar / Park Llewellyn (North Barrule) was built on common grazing land that were transferred to the UK Crown following the sale of the Islands feudal rights by the Duke of Atholl after the Disafforesting Commission of 1860.[4] The nearby revetment and embankment at the 27th Milestone is sometimes informally referred to as the Guthrie's Bridge.

The western side embankment at Guthrie's Memorial was removed during the winter of 2004/2005 by the Department of Transport as a road traffic improvement, followed by a small section of the north-eastern embankment in April 2009.[citation needed]

During the winter of 2012/2013 the stone TT Marshall's shelter at Guthrie's Memorial was demolished.[why?][citation needed]

Motor-Sport Heritage[edit]

During the 1937 TT races, Jimmie Guthrie won the Junior race, but retired on lap five of the Senior race, at The Cutting section of the course. After crashing fatally during the 1937 German Grand Prix a memorial to Jimmie Guthrie was built in 1939 at the The Cutting.[5] Funded by public subscription, the memorial was built at the place where he retired in his last TT race.

The inscription on the memorial reads:

A further memorial called the "Guthrie Stone" was established in 1949 at the site of the fatal accident on the Sachsenring road course, near the German village of Hohenstein-Ernstthal.



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