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Guto Requena
Guto Requena by VictorAffaro.jpg
Guto Requena by Victor Affaro
Born (1979-11-27) November 27, 1979 (age 38)
Sorocaba, Brasil
Nationality  Brazilian
Alma mater University of São Paulo
Occupation Architect
Practice Estudio Guto Requena

Guto Requena is a Brazilian architect and designer (Sorocaba, Brazil, November 27, 1979) graduated in Architecture & Urbanism from the São Carlos Engineering School, a faculty of the University of São Paulo in 1999. [1]


Guto Requena is the Creative Director of the Estudio Guto Requena which acts in all areas where design is of the essence, in its most varied scales: objects, interiors, architecture and cities.

He founded Estudio Guto Requena in 2008 and has ever since acted as a design consultant, writer and professor in addition to developing interior architecture, interactive installations and product design.


Requena is representative of a new generation of architects and designers involved in the discussion of interactivity and its effects on architecture and design; his work focuses in new digital technologies, cyberculture, hybrid realities, new lifestyles, affective memory and Brazilian culture.[2]

His interest in this field led him to work during nine years as an integrant of the research group “NOMADS.usp – Center of Interactive Living Studies of the University of São Paulo”, which in its turn led him to a Master’s degree at the University of São Paulo and respective dissertation Hybrid Habitation: Interactivity and Experience in the Cyberculture Era (2007).[3]

He taught project design at Panamericana – School of Arts and Design – and at IED – European Institute of Design, in Sao Paulo – at both graduation and master levels.


  • ArchDaily's Building of the Year Award 2014 - Interior Architecture - Walmart São Paulo.[4]
  • BID 2012 – Bienal Ibero Americana de Design, as the best Space Design in Brazil for the Exhibition "Roteiro Musical de São Paulo".[5]
  • “Best in Architecture Brazil - 2010” for nightclub HOT HOT, under category “Bars & Nightclubs”.[6][7]
  • “Young Brazilian Awards” as recognition for lecturing on 70 workshops all over the country.


Since 2012 Guto has a design column at newspaper Folha de S.Paulo where he writes about design, architecture and urbanism.[8]

His academic achievements and activity as a teacher in reputed design schools made him a national reference in the subject of contemporary architecture and design in the specialized media. He is creator, screenwriter and host of a show on design in cable/satellite Brazilian television channel GNT called Nos Trinques; its first season aired from March to December in 2011. [9]

In 2012 and 2013 Guto developed design web series for the same channel, recorded in Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and London(

Selected projects[edit]

Some of his best-known works are the São Paulo nightclub Hot Hot (2009),[10] the collection of vases “Once Upon a Time",[11] the "Samba Collection",[12] the 3D printed "Noize Chair",[13] the exhibition Musical Tour of São Paulo,[14] the interactive space for “Agência D3” (2011),[15] and the brazilian headquarters.[16]

In 2012 Guto was selected by Google to develop the project for their brazilian headquarter in São Paulo.[17][18]


Guto exhibited at:




  • Brazil S/A during Milan Design Fair – Milan, Italy;
  • fuiparaspelembreidevc, Galeria Coletivo Amor de Madre - São Paulo, Brazil;
  • SPDW - São Paulo Design Weekend at Casa Juici + Phosphorus - São Paulo, Brazil;
  • BID – Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño - Madrid, Spain;
  • Brazil Bienal of Design - Belo Horizonte, Brazil;
  • Inventory Series 03: Experience of a City, during Design Miami – Miami, United States;

Product design[edit]

  • NOIZE CHAIR – A 3D printed chair created by the mix of soundscapes collected in the streets of Sao Paulo Downtown with Giraffe Chair from Lina Bo Bardi;[19]
  • NOIZE LIVE – Performance during Sao Paulo Design Week where Noize Chair process were open to the audience to create live their own unique mini-noize Chair 3D printed.[20]
  • LOVE PROJECT – Sensors collects emotions in live narratives of Love Stories and uses this data as parametric input to generate 3D printed daily objects.[21]
  • ONCE UPON A TIME COLLECTION – Guto’s grandmother retold him his old fables from childhood. The narrative drama into her voice was analyzed as data input for the parametric interface to generate the molds of Glassblowed vases.[22]
  • TEA HUG - A tapestry created for Tai Ping developed using an old painting of the first colony of Chinese immigrants in Brazil with its color filled by parametric use of Chinese song[23]
  • PARAMETRIC DES-APARECIDA – A wood Brazilian Saint unifies crafts and parametric techniques[24]
Selected Projects
Noize Chair
Noize Chair 
Nossa Senhora des-Aparecida
Nossa Senhora des-Aparecida 
Bubble Chair
Bubble Chair 
Samba Collection
Samba Collection 
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time 
Alma Collection
Alma Collection 
Tea Hug for Tai Ping
Tea Hug for Tai Ping 
Love Project
Love Project 
Love Project Experiment 2
Love Project Experiment 2 
Play Collection
Play Collection 
Noize live
Noize live 


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