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Guy Drexinger was a Democratic attorney running for Insurance Commissioner of Georgia.

Drexinger recently released an unusual advertisement attacking his opponent, John Oxendine. The advertisement, entitled "Greenback Mountain", parodies the film Brokeback Mountain by depicting Oxendine as a cowboy who "can't quit" political donations Oxendine allegedly accepted from HMOs during his terms as Insurance Commissioner. The satirical advertisement has attracted attention from several news organizations, including CNN.

In April 2006, Drexinger admitted in a letter to the Marietta Daily Journal that he was forced to surrender his real estate license in May 1999 and received a two-month suspension from practicing law due to wrongdoing resulting from a 1995 business deal. Mr. Drexinger stated that he is releasing this information to the media of Georgia in order to have an open discussion about ethical lapses in the insurance commissioner's office.

Drexinger's approach to this campaign was called refreshing by the Morris News Service. "Voters who dread political candidates pointing out flaws in their opponents might find Guy Drexinger's approach refreshing: he is making public his own ethical lapse from the past."

In sending out documents from an incident from 1995 Mr Drexinger stated, "as I go forward, I won't be hypocritical". Mr. Drexinger stated he will not be accepting campaign contributions from the insurance industry and urged his opponent to do likewise.

Drexinger served as the chairman of the Cobb County Democratic Committee until 2004.